You love your partner, but your relationship sucks!

Let’s get you unstuck and reconnected!

Relationship Therapy in Wake Forest and Raleigh/Durham Triangle Area, NC

You are smart. You are accomplished. But all of this fluff doesn’t matter because you are also in a really crappy and miserable place right now. You think to yourself:”How does everyone else manage to look like they have their shit together? Will it ever get better?

Does this describe you?

  • You feel completely alone in your relationship
  • You find yourself constantly overthinking everything and feeling preoccupied with “worst case” scenarios
  • You are sick of trying to talk to your partner, but feeling rejected, minimized, and like they don’t care about you at all
  • You’ve learned to push your feelings down to protect yourself or your marriage, but you just can’t do this any longer
  • You are worried about the future of your relationship, especially because you hate uncertainty and change

Wondering what happens during a couple's therapy? Click below, and I will give you a sneak peek.

Does this describe what you want?

  • To be able to talk to your partner about your emotions, needs, and hopes in a way that heals past hurts and strengthens trust in your relationship (instead of fighting and pushing each other further away)
  • To feel loved, understood, and emotionally connected to you partner
  • To tackle life problems together “as a team”
  • To just feel happy, calm, competent and secure

If you are a couple who can’t communicate with each other without fighting or shutting down (and sometimes both), call me today at (703) 347 3200 for your FREE 15 min consultation to discuss strategies to help you heal past hurts, calm your inner critic, and strengthen trust and connection with your most important person.


Couples counseling, marriage therapy, and relationship therapy provided in my Wake Forest counseling office. Serving Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, and the triangle area.







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Professional Testimonials

  • I am truly amazed at how Irina continues to grow professionally and continuously aiming to perfect her craft. She is very passionate about working with families and couples, who are going through a “this sucks” moment. If ready to take action towards a healthier you and/or partnership, Irina is a clinician I recommend!

    Yesenia Villalta LCSW
  • Irina has an existential approach to psychotherapy that helps her clients resolve inner conflicts in a productive and practical way. I have seen her approach help clients develop greater responsibility and ownership for their own lives, decrease isolation and increase their sense of meaningfulness.

    Jayson Blair Managing Partner of Goose Creek Consulting
  • Some words I would use to describe Irina are: engaging, non-judgmental, eager, and innovative. She is the type of person that I feel will always have that desire and motivation to grow professionally. She has proven herself to be culturally sensitive and feels comfortable broaching the topic of how culture may impact or contribute to treatment. Personally, she is an incredibly supportive and kind person.

    Jessica Taylor LPC, LMHP-C
  • Irina doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She doesn't ask her couples to do anything she isn't willing to do in her own relationship. Irina has participated in her own Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) process through EFT sessions with her husband. This speaks volumes to her belief in and dedication to the EFT model, and how it can deepen and improve couples relationships."

    Catherine Bost MA, LMFTA
  • As a colleague and professional in the mental health field, I wholeheartedly recommend Irina to any couple seeking to do Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. Professionally, Irina is tenacious and driven in a caring way to foster greater intimacy and long lasting connection for her couples. Personally, Irina is compassionate and thoughtful towards everyone she encounters. If you are looking for a professional therapist who you can comfortably communicate with and relate to, Irina is the one for you. Working with Irina will ensure you get to the heart of the matter in your relationship.

    Moubareka Kluver MA, CMFT, CPC, LIMHP, LMHP
  • I can most highly recommend Irina as a therapist. I worked closely with her for several years and she impressed me from the first time I met her. As English is not her first language, her mastery of the language in both speaking and writing is most impressive; her clinical writing is impeccable. Family members expressed to me that they felt cared about and incentivized to improve their circumstances. Ms. Baechle unfailingly nurtured her clients while still holding them accountable for their own progress, thereby providing them the opportunity to succeed and sustain the techniques they learned into the future. When I was a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, I directed a substance abuse treatment and subsequently, a family counseling and education program at Navy Base Charleston, SC, for four years. One of my responsibilities was to hire civilian social workers and therapists, in addition to supervising a staff consisting of both military and civilian personnel.I would have hired Ms. Baechle without hesitation. She is a gem!

    Debra A. Tinker M.A. LCDR, USNR-Hon. R.

  • I've had the chance to work with Irina, and I am definitely impressed with her work ethic and method. Irina is caring, informed, and open minded. You can see the visible difference in the way clients carry themselves after regular visits with Irina. Irina has a proactive approach to achieving growth in your mental health, your well-being., and your interpersonal relationships. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Irina; if you're serious about making improvement, or even if you're just slightly interested, you will thank yourself later!

    M. B. Brooklyn, NY
  • I've watched as Irina excelled through her university education at the top of her class and develop herself into the dynamic therapist she is today. Licensed therapy has been her passion since I've known her. She has personally touched me with her skills as a therapist AND friend by listening, guiding and never judging me! I believe Irina has the right qualities for anyone seeking marriage, relationship or personal therapy because she has devoted her life to her art of healing. In addition to having written a book, I admire her for the ability to take a spiritual and holistic approach when diversity is key to treating patients with different needs. Ive also never been shy to recommend her for anyone I know in Orange County, as they are able to easily do Skype sessions from home which is wonderful

    E. B. Irvine, CA

  • She is a great listener and very personal. She takes her time to understand your problems. If you are looking for a great therapist, look no further, you have found her.

    F. M.
  • Irina is very knowledgeable and passionate in her work! She is hard working and devoted to her clients!

    A. T.
  • I worked with Irina for several years as an in home therapist. Throughout this time I found her to be professional and consistent with the therapies that she used. It was a pleasure collaborating with her, and her clients often shared how pleased they were about their time with Irina. In the past I have referred clients to Irina, especially for marital and couples counseling, if she were still in Northern Virginia I would continue to do so!