Tired of feeling anxious about your relationship?

Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy in Wake Forest, NC

Most conflicts overwhelm you and make you want to hide!

If you could, you would do anything to avoid the conflict. Especially the ones between you and you partner.

But no matter how hard you try, when the arguments do happen, it feels like torture inside. This anxiety takes over your mind, and even your body. You sit there during the conflict and it is like your brain shuts down. You either clam up completely and stop talking, try to get out any words that you think will make things better- even if they aren’t really accurate or how you feel, or blow-up and say things you’d never normally say.

Every conflict, no matter how big or how small it may seem to the people around you, leaves you feeling completely exhausted. You end up replaying the conflict in your head over and over again. Your partner sometimes hints that you are the reason that the conflicts don’t get resolved. You know you aren’t perfect, but neither are they. And there is SO much that you push down, ignore, and sidestep to avoid creating conflict. You really wish your partner could do the same… but you also know deep down that conflict is a part of life and it doesn’t have to be bad. You wonder if it really has to be this hard!

Did you know that conflict can actually leave you feeling closer to your partner?

The fears of abandonment, not being good enough, and asking too much of your partner don’t have to be in the front of your mind and guiding the conversations. I will help you and your partner learn how to use conflict to find deep connection and understanding of one another. You will both learn that an argument doesn’t mean you are wrong for each other, but you just need a shift in how you relate to one another in those moments.

My name is Irina Baechle and I provide couples counseling in Wake Forest, NC and couples retreats in NC. I take a directive approach to pull you out of the anxiety and the push and pull that you feel after conflict and learn how to feel deeply connected during the conflict, and in the day to day of your lives so you can have the deeply connected, passionate relationship that you both deeply desire.

If you are wanting to feel confident in how you are creating a long-lasting relationship and want to take the time that you both need to solidify your love, contact me for a free 15 minute consultation by calling at (703) 347 3200 or clicking here. I provide couple’s counseling in Wake Forest, NC, and work with people individually.

Important note: If the idea of sitting down to talk about conflict with your partner in couples counseling or marriage counseling makes you feel sick to your stomach, it might be best to start with individual therapy. We can work together to give you some skills to feel more confident, less anxious, and more prepared for beginning working through conflict with your partner. It is ok to start slow and take things one step at a time. I provide couseling in Wake Forest, NC for anxiety, relationships, and personal development.


$250 (50 min)


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