Relationship Counseling

Relationship Therapy-Counselor in Wake Forest, NC


Maybe your partner doesn’t want to come to couples counseling.

Maybe you didn’t ask him because you want to focus on yourself first.

Or maybe you are not even sure what exactly you need to do and where to start.

Either way, you are in a right place. I work with women who find themselves completely stuck and overwhelmed because they are struggling in their marital relationships. Some women are on the brink of divorce which was initiated by their husband. They feel shocked, confused, and devastated.

Other women have been contemplating a divorce or separation for a long time, and know that something needs to be done now because they can’t go on like this any longer.

Regardless of who initiates the difficult conversation, though, you feel terrified of what the future might look like.

You keep picturing million different ways of how this change might impact your life and/or your kids, and you get paralyzed by all this thinking. It’s nearly impossible to be able to tolerate so much pain and uncertainty at once. Then your mind just shuts down.

If you are an overwhelmed woman who feels on the fence about your relationships, but hates uncertainty and change, call me at (703) 347 3200 for your FREE 15 min consultation to discuss strategies to help learn how to feel calm, let go of the fear of unknown and stop worst case thinking now and for all.

How can relationship therapy help you?

   Comfort in your own skin

   Freedom from your inner critic (which also means less anxiety and depression)

   A life built around what matters most