Intensive Crisis Couples Counseling

Intensive Crisis Couples Counseling in Wake Forest and North Raleigh, NC

You love your partner. You have been together for a long time. You get along well for the most part. However, you also feel like you are at a turning point of your relationship. Things are either going to lead you both into this beautiful place where you can find joy, love, and passion for each other that you’ve once had or you find yourselves down the path of ending the most powerful relationship of your lives.

But waiting days or weeks for the first appointment for couple’s counseling? Or, thinking that 1-hour a week is going to magically get your relationship where it needs to be before you lose all hope that your relationship can really be what you both need it to be… that sounds ludicrous to you. Guess what? I think that’s pretty crazy too. Imagine if you had an opportunity to really dig in to what is happening in your marriage with a relationship expert for several productive hours a week? Imagine if you could feel more emotionally connected to your partner while being heard and seen by them?

My name is Irina Baechle and I love working with couples who love each other, but who are at a major turning point in their relationship. Their pain is simply no longer bearable and they want to invest in some intensive couples counseling to heal from the past and reach a real resolution. We meet 2-4 times a week for a minimum of 2 hour sessions for a period of 6 weeks. It’s like a mini couples retreat, fully customized to your goals and needs.

During our initial phone call, we will schedule our first crisis session. During that session, I will get clear about what you are both wanting, what has brought you to this point, and we will start digging in from session 1.  At the close of that session, I will give you recommendations for the length and intensity of the treatment.

If you are wanting to feel confident in how you are creating a long-lasting relationship and want to take the time that you both need to solidify your love and marriage, contact me for a free 15 minute consultation by calling at (703) 347 3200 or clicking here. I provide couples counseling in Wake Forest, NC, and work with people individually.

How does it work?

→Sessions are 2 hour long (minimum, but may be longer).

→We will create a plan that outlines our goals and the ways we will  tackle them

→Some clients like the hybrid option where they combine in-office and online therapy to meet their family/individual needs.



$600 (2h)


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