In-home Counseling

In-Home Counseling in Wake Forest and North Raleigh, NC

What is in-home counseling?

In-home (also known as home-based) counselling means that the therapist comes to your home to conduct the session instead of you coming to the therapist’s office. I have been doing in-home therapy since 2013 and really enjoy getting to know “the whole person” in their “real” home environment instead of seeing just a set of symptoms that show up in my office. Do you live in Wake Forest, North Carolina? If so, this can be an option for you!

Some clients prefer in-home counseling for the following reasons:

home counseling   Convenience-it saves you time commuting to and from the office, especially if you live in a congested area like I do

   It allows people with physical and/or mental (social anxiety, for example) limitations to access therapy service without leaving their house

   It eliminates the need for childcare, if you have children

   It allows for a potential involvement of additional family members who would not be willing (due to cultural stigma, for example) or able to come to therapy office otherwise

   Clients report feeling much more relaxed and at ease when in their own “real” environment

How does it work?

→Sessions are 2 hour long (minimum, but may be longer).

→You decide whether we meet in the kitchen, living room, patio or walk outside.

→Similarly to in-office therapy, we will create a plan that outlines our goals and the ways we will  tackle them

→Some clients like the hybrid option where they combine in-office and in-home therapy to meet their family/individual needs.



$400 (120 min) or longer


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