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Peer Support Group in Wake Forest, NC

Taking Care of Caretaker-Building a Circle of Encouragement

The encounter with others who have undergone similar trials dissolves feelings of shame, stigma and isolation.” Irvin Yalom MD.

As therapists, we know, how important good relationships are. We call friends in hard times, visit family members when they are not feeling well, and encourage our clients to reach out to their loved ones when things get touch. Nevertheless, because of the nature of the work we do (and absolutely love), we end up working in isolation, trying to do it all ourselves – from learning about marketing to choosing the best EHR system for our practice to brainstorming different interventions and conceptualizing a new difficult case.

But we don’t have to do it all alone.

My hope is to build a community of like minded therapists, a tribe if you will, where we can learn from each other, including learning about our most beloved “clinical work” as well as the business end of private practice (which most of us do not like). We can empower each other to operate our practices based on the concept of abundance and generosity, where there is plenty to go around, instead of being scared of competition and the natural ups and downs of a business.

Some benefits of joining the peer support group include:

→ Ability to discuss and process clinical issues in a supportive and confidential setting
→Ability to discuss practice management issues (marketing strategies, paperwork, relevant trainings, cross referrals etc)
→Opportunity to interact with colleagues who are going through similar experiences and “get” it
→Opportunity to build a strong referral base of people that you know and trust, so that you only work with your IDEAL clients
→Reduced stress and burnout
→Opportunities for personal and professional growth

If you live in Wake Forest, NC or the surrounding Durham/Raleigh Triangle area and are interested in learning more about the peer support group, please contact me here


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