Private EFT-Focused Couples Intensives

Private Couples Intensives in Wake Forest and Raleigh, NC

What is an EFT focused Private Couples Intensive?

A Private Couples Intensive is an opportunity to focus exclusively on your relationship, using one of the most empirically validated interventions called Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT).

According to the recent research, 86% to 90% of couples undertaking a course in EFT report significant improvement and 70% to 75% of couples recover from their distress.

Whether your problems are about money, children, sex, in-laws or anything else, this intensive will help you, not by giving you advice about all these issues, but by helping you to go deeper into understanding yourself and your partner and what happens between you both when these problems arise.

Once you truly understand the dynamics of your relationship and the underlying emotions, you will be able to find lasting solutions that will keep you relationship strong no matter what challenges you face now or in the future.

How does A Private EFT Focused Couples Intensive work?

It’s simple-you turn off your phone, leave your children and the busyness of everyday life to someone else, and focus on what matters most-your relationship.

We either meet at my office or I come to your home, so that you feel as comfortable as possible.

We meet in 2 (3 hour) chunks of time. Most couples prefer 3 hours in the morning, 1 hour lunch break, and then 3 hours in the afternoon.

We also meet for 75 min before the intensive, and for 75 min min after the intensive for a follow up. We can arrange these sessions to be in person or online, whatever works better and is more appropriate for the couple. Each intensive is customized based on your individual needs.

Total Investment: $2500*

Two months worth of couples therapy in 1 day!

Who is a good fit for this type of work?

  • Couples who are unable (or prefer not to) to attend traditional weekly therapy
  • Couples with childcare issues
  • Couples who live far away from a highly skilled EFT therapist
  • Couples where one partner is often traveling
  • Couples in transition (new marriage, new job, new baby etc)

Who is NOT a good fit for this type of work?

  • Couples who are engaged in an active and ongoing physical violence
  • Couples who are actively addicted to something
  • Couples who are engaged in an active and ongoing affair

How can an EFT Couple Intensive help me?

→More connectedness
→More closeness
→More safety
→Better communication
→Understanding of your negative cycle
→Rebuild your relationship with love, joy, respect, and connection

If you are wanting to feel confident in how you are creating a long-lasting relationship and want to take the time that you both need to solidify your love, contact me for a free 15 minute consultation by calling at (703) 347 3200 or clicking here. I provide couple’s counseling in Wake Forest, NC, and work with people individually.


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