Date Idea in Raleigh # 4: Lafayette Village

Date Idea in Raleigh # 4: Lafayette Village

This week we are wrapping up our June series on unique date ideas in Raleigh and Triangle area with something totally unique, yet versatile- Lafayette Village!

“What? What is that?”, you ask.

“Great question!”, I answer. Allow me to explain:)

Lafayette Village is a European style village located in North Raleigh. It’s right off I540 and Falls of Neuse, and has plenty of parking for everyone. Unless there is a big festival or event there, then you might need to either come early or circle around a few times and possibly park on one of the nearby streets. We visited Lafayette village for the St’ Patrick’s Day and parking was difficult. However, the festival itself was tons of fun and just right around the corner from where we live. So totally worth it, even with the parking situation.

By the way, the village truly looks like one in France or Germany. I’ve spent several summers in Germany growing up and also visited France last year for our honeymoon, so I kinda have something to compare it to besides pictures from Internet:)

Lafayette Village is totally unique and offers a variety of located owned gourmet restaurants and upscale shopping. I’ve visited the village several times and explored several places there, including their cute boutiques with lots of handmade awesomeness.

Fresh Levant

One of those times I was with a dear friend who has an autoimmune disease and has lots of diet limitations. We ate at the restaurant called “Fresh Levant” and, surprisingly, they were able to accommodate her dietary needs. Moreover, the restaurant owner herself took our order and made sure her food was prepared the way she wanted it to. How cool is that? Try this approach in one of those chain restaurants and good luck. They will promise golden mountain and still deliver the same crap. I know because we’ve tried! By the way, Fresh Levant is a gluten free restaurant (even their deserts) with delicious middle eastern inspired menu.

Village Grill

On several occasions, I visited another restaurant on the other side of the Lafayette Plaza called “Village Grill.” The restaurant is famous for it’s gourmet prime burgers and fresh appetizers, but most importantly, offers a gorgeous outdoor patio that overlooks “the green preserve.” You can enjoy the view of beautiful oaks, water fountains, and just ope space while sipping on your favorite wine.

Vinos Finos

Vinos Finos is one of the cutest wine and tapas bars in Raleigh area, hands down. They have delicious meat and cheese platters, very vibrant couple-y crowd, and an incredible selection of South American wines. My husband and I came here for appetizers and wine one night, and really loved everything about this place. Even though the place was packed and we sat on the wine barrels at the bar (because there were no other places to sit). And I didn’t even complain, which tells you a lot:)

Like I mentioned earlier, there are lots of different events happening at Lafayette Village at all times as well, all you have to do is check their calendar online. We visited it for Octoberfest and St. Patrick’s Day and both were crowded, but super fun. Or you can hang around and just do some people watching. Make surety stay until dark, so that you have the opportunity to see the lit up Eiffel tower and all the other lites around the village.

Are you convinced yet? Lafayette Village is your ultimate daycation destination, go check it out now. Bring a blanket and picnic food or try one of their delicious restaurants and cafes.

I hope this information gives you some new ideas on how and where to spend quality time with your significant other. We tend to repeat the activities and places we love, and learning about new neat places in town always comes handy.

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